ASKLEPEION is a Melodic Black Metal with a 90’s but also a modern vibe from Tilburg (The Netherlands).
The band was formed in 2021 by Thijs (Welmoed, Misanthropia) and Robster (ex-Southern Werewolf Farm).
William (FAAL, Spina Bifida, 666 Shades of Shit, ex-Foretold, ex-Domestic Violence) joined them on the project.

Asklepeion - I: Basilisk | MMR037

The Asklepeion project was born in the beginning of 2021 when Thijs and Robster had the idea to start a musical project to keep themselves busy during the pandemic.
They write some songs, record them at home and release an EP.

Both fans of 90’s (melodic) Black Metal, the songwriting quickly went that way and the decision was made to stick with it
and make an album full of Melodic Black Metal with a 90’s but also a modern vibe.

After the songwriting was done and the recordings were finished the search for a drummer and a vocalist started.
William was enthusiastic to join the project and do the vocals.

Whilst playing and recording keyboards, the idea of programming the drums was born,
to avoid logistical and time-based issues, so Thijs performed this task as well.

The album lyrically consists themes of mythology, diseases and pandemics from the middle-ages, downfall of mankind, questioning religion and mercy.
We choose not to print them. When it comes to writing and production, we strive for a neat listenable, yet not overproduced end result.

Guitar solo on ‘Basilisk’ played by Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation).

released August 4, 2023.