ABOUT YOU, US and the '&' in between...:

MEUSE MUSIC RECORDS+EVENTS was founded in early 2021 by Jean-François Galler.

Serge Manzato and Denis Halleux joined the label in April and July 2021.
The label is equally owned and managed by the three of us.

We launched the label and we're running it according to our passion for music and desire to help artists and bands we like.
We are friends, we come from different musical universes but we all fell in love with music in our childhood.
At first music enthusiasts, some of us have also been actors in the music scene for years.
We all have our area of expertise and are highly complementary in the label management.

MEUSE MUSIC RECORDS+EVENTS is an independent music label, mail order and events promoter for
Doom, Stoner, Atmospheric Black/Doom, Funeral Doom, Black, Post-Black, Death, ...,
Shoegaze, ..., and everything we like in between...

We are located in Liège (Belgium), on the Meuse river valley which gave her name to the label.


Musicians, Bands, Remarkable weird sound Makers, Acclaimed Mad noise Makers and everything in between...

What we do for musicians with finalized products ?

We propose the pressing of your finalized works on CDs and/or Vinyls by European well-known qualified manufacturers.
We propose to assure the storage and the distribution of your products, globally or a part of it.

What we do for musicians in need of recording studios / sound engineer / mastering work?

Based on your 'demo' works submitted and liked, in case you need a recording studio and/or a sound engineer for the recording/mastering/etc., ...
we can put you in touch with some great ones from all over the world according to the best match with your music.

What we don't propose :

We don't offer to represent you, your products or your merchandising physically on festivals or concerts venues, except at our own events.
We will be present on our own events with your merchandising.

What's our goal?:

Our first goal is to promote "underground" music and help artists/bands we like, nothing more, nothing less.
For a long time, earning money with music has been a bit like a (bad) dream for lots of us and can’t be a goal anymore.
Has it ever been?

In this perspective, our main mission is to help artists/bands to produce their physical items and offer their music to the world in a different form than the digital consumerist one.

CD and Vinyls are such beautiful and desired objects for lots of people like us...

We want to treat each of your demand case by case and our terms will be discussed in the same way.
Which means there is of course a kind of basis and existing/standard terms but everything remains possible and modulable!

According to both our financial possibilities and if you share our way of thinking, be sure to well understand the difference between earning money and
being known, recognized and gratified for your artistic works.

► Don't hesitate to contact us to let us listen to your music and discuss about your wishes and needs!