DARGOR is a Melodic Black Metal band from Krosno (Poland).
The main influences of the group are bands like Samael, Dimmu Borgir, Naglfar, Ajattara, Dissection and Summoning.
The band combines atmospheric and melodic sounds of guitars and keyboards with aggressive vocals and intense drum lines.
The heaviness and aggression balance with melancholy and dark atmosphere.

Dargor - Ascend To Infinity | MMR031

Except for black metal, you can also find some melodic death metal, doom metal and gothic metal elements there.
The lyrics are mostly focused on the meaninglessness of our existence, illusive perception of life and negative emotions.

"Ascend To Infinity" is a melodic black metal album.
You can also find some other musical influences there like melodic death metal, doom metal and gothic metal elements.

The album includes eight author songs and lasts over half an hour.

The guitars sound heavy but atmospheric.
Besides the melodic riffs, you can hear some ethereal melodies and solos.
There are two vocalists. First uses the higher pitched screams, second the lower growls.
The vocals are very aggressive and the drums are fast and intense.
On top of it all, you can hear atmospheric and spatial keyboards.

The two main emotions on the album are sadness and aggression mixed together. A dark atmosphere is combined with energy and heaviness.
All songs include some characteristic melodies and riffs that you can easily remember.

released December 6, 2022.

Dargor - Descent Into Chaos | MMR005

The "Descent Into Chaos" EP contains seven songs.
All tracks are focused around the melodic, atmospheric but still aggressive black metal.

Lyrics are mostly about mental pain, the process of inner descent, and the dark sides of human nature.
Despite the negative subjects, the message is positive. We can always choose between darkness and light.

released August 20, 2021.