EXITIUM SUI is a one-man Atmospheric Black/Funeral Doom Metal band created in 2020 by E.S. (vocalist of Black Metal band Deadspace) from Perth (Australia).
The project is an intermediator between the spiritual crevasse that is humanity and the unconquerable metaphysical void.
Suffocating and apocalyptic howls of hatred and despair beckon all to embrace an ancient chasm below the tangible earth.

Exitium Sui - Endless / Regression | MMR045

On 'Endless/Regression', Exitium Sui returns to its funeral doom roots.

Although still laced in blackened atmosphere, this album (or double EP) embraces the true essence of funeral,
presenting some of the most depressing and all-consuming material by the project to date.
Sprinkles of avantgarde and cult inspired drone colour the record with darker tones while melodic sections serve to preserve a massive, epic atmosphere throughout.

The piece was written to play as an album but was split into two definitive EPs to be released together, featuring music that builds relentlessly and never seems to reach an end point.
It is both suffocating and emancipating at its core, as all meaning is swallowed in a thick fog of uncertainty.

Drowned in misery, consumed by hatred, the perfect soundtrack for a slow and agonising death.

to be released February 2, 2024.