HERMYTH is a Cosmic Doomgaze project formed in 2021 by Nick Magister (Ghostheart Nebula) and Therese Tofting (Fairy, Funeral Void).
Their music can be defined as the never ending voyage of a wanderer spirit towards his own ancient inner self, through myths, occultism and spirituality.
Slow beats, tons of reverbs & cosmic alignments: the path.

Hermyth - Starseeds | MMR019

Starseeds, their first album, is an initiation: a retrospective, yet a premonition.
Like seeds born from the stars, they are travelling in the denial of time and space in order to meet the divine chaotic fire of the origin and the end.

A pure jewel of atmospheric and melancholic music, for real music lovers.

released February 22, 2022.