MIRTHLESS is a black doom metal and melancholic post-rock band from Timișoara (Romania).
Their sound skillfully blends black, doom and depressive impulses with a melodic-oriented approach.
A magnificent balance of the different souls of the metal sub-genres.

Mirthless - Late December Blossomed Flower | MMR022

The second full-length released in 2021, “Late December Blossomed Flower” has its roots more into black metal and follows a repetitive pattern during the songs
while interesting string insertion and spoken passages from Charles Bukowski are to be heard.

Mirthless sounds to us as one of the most underated band in the genre!
And... Wait to see them playing live, you'll love it!

released March 11, 2022.

Mirthless - Threads of Desire | MMR021

After more than a decade and with a full line-up the band released its first full-length in 2019, called “Threads of Desire”.
This 6-track album was composed in a black doom manner with post-rock passages and has a melancholic overall feel.

re-released March 11, 2022.