M.O.N.J.E. is a Doom/Blackened/Post-Metal band from Monterrey, NL, (Mexico).
Their music and lyrics are mainly inspired by the short stories and novels of cosmic horror writer and master H.P. Lovecraft.
Through their music they seek to shake one of our most primal instincts, fear!

M.O.N.J.E. - M.O.N.J.E | MMR026

This eponymous album is sectioned in two parts by their EPs "Dimensions Collide" and "Ritual".

Deep riffs, hypnotic drums and deep grunts almost coming from the void.
From Funeral Doom to Psychedelic Rock of the 70's through some progressive sound,
always dark and frightening, the first chapter offers four quality Blackened Sludge/Doom tracks.
The second chapter preserves that mysterious and cultured essence, of cosmic horror and occultism through a very good Black Doom Metal.

A great album from a quality band that has its own thing, a jewel loaded with dense music and cloudy.

released June 10, 2022.