ORNAMENTOS DEL MIEDO is a Doom/ Death project created in 2017 in Burgos (Spain).
The project was born from the ashes Graveyard of Souls by the hand of Angel Chicote and has always had an atmospheric base as a sign of identity,
accompanied by guitars that move between melancholy and despair, navigating over extremely slow rhythms.
All this sprinkled with lyrics that revolve around the philosophy, the human condition, trying to see life without veils...

Ornamentos Del Miedo - Escapando A Trav├ęs De La Tierra | MMR044

Escapando Atraves De La Tierra is ODM's fifth full-length album, consisting of 6 tracks.
As in the previous works, atmosphere, melancholy and heaviness dominate every corner of this album.

The lyrics talk about interest disguised as friendship, mental illness, forgotten memories etc., ...
Here there are no more demons, monsters or fantastic beings than those that life gives us.

released March 15, 2024.