SHALLOW WATERS is a Melancholic Post Black Metal band formed in 2018 in Mondragón (Spain).
The Band was formed by members of Nahemah, The Holeum, Demised and Darkness By Oath.

Living through the evolution of the genre, Shallow Waters explores melancholic and dark sounding tunes.
From soul-gripping Post Black Metal and Melodic Doom Metal to the smooth melodies and atmospheres in own particular essence,
emerging from the gloom and taking their music to torturous new dimension.

Shallow Waters - All Colours Blur To One | MMR046

Ripened from the previous album 'Bed Of Snakes' (2020) that it was very well received by the press,
comes now through this new offering of 10 songs that mark the evolution of the band towards their more unique and personal sound.

'All Colours Blur To One' is a record full of spontaneity, of immediate impact, the breath-taking pace of the arpeggiated Black Metal and dark-kissed harmonies over the melancholic essence.
Songs that tell of the despair, loneliness and suffering of souls punished by the indifference of human beings.

released March 1, 2024.