SOLNEGRE is a Doom/Death Metal band from Balearic Islands (Spain).
The band was recently formed by Gebre and Rigel, bandmates since 1995 and founders of the Doom Metal sextet Helevorn.
They are surrounded in the project by Tomeu Crespí (Golgotha) and Miguel Serra.

The musical inspiration is taken from the old school greats of Doom/Death metal from the ’90s, referring to well-known bands.

SolNegre - The Spiral Labyrinth | MMR038

The album is divided into eight pieces, with an approximate duration of 9 minutes each.
It’s a conceptual journey through different scenarios with the common denominator on the pain, the anguish,
the hypersensitivity and the struggle with a highly functioning depression, which is absolutely based on a real condition.

The music can be approximated as Doom/Death Metal with a strong Old school vibe, here bands like My Dying Bride and early Anathema
and early Opeth might come to mind, and maybe among the current scene we could mention Shape of Despair, Ahab and Doom Vs.

"In general, we feel that this massive crushing riffs, slow-but-not-funeral vibe, multi layered keys, heavily distorted bass and crushing growls are our signature."

released October 6, 2023.